Riley Family

This shoot marks the return to my first photography love : families!

I must admit I have started to really enjoy in-home sessions, everyone is just so much more relaxed and I think it does show in the images.

This sweet family lives in the heart of Cape Town and just love how these came out.
This was also my first film-only family session and I couldn’t be more happy. Somehow I even love the out-of-focus images…

All shot on pentax645n and nikonf90, portra400 // Developed & Scanned by The Find Lab


nikonf90Portra400-178 nikonf90Portra400-174 nikonf90Portra400-173 nikonf90Portra400-166-2 nikonf90Portra400-164 nikonf90Portra400-162 nikonf90Portra400-092 nikonf90Portra400-090 nikonf90Portra400-088 nikonf90Portra400-084 nikonf90Portra400-082 nikonf90Portra400-081 nikonf90Portra400-077 pentaxPortra400-079 pentaxPortra400-078 pentaxPortra400-075 pentaxPortra400-072 pentaxPortra400-067 nikonf90Portra400-180


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