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  • Boegoeberg

    This series of images lies very close to my heart – I grew up 10km from this cemetary and the people who are buried here came to our part of the world around 1929. The government decided that to help alleviate the unemployment during the Depression years that they now needed to build the Boegoeberg…

  • LOMO Stilbaai

    My other home is Stilbaai, one of the places where I have made so many special memories.

  • LOMO Karoo

    I was born and raised in the Northern Cape, and it still has a very special place in my heart. Winter time is usually when I get to go back and be on the farm, here is a few snap shots of life in the Karoo.   Diana Mini Lomography 35mm film  

  • Loco Lomo

    The craziest series of images taken on our family farm in the Northern Cape as well as here at home in the Swartland. It was shot with one of the most unpredictable little Holga’s that I borrowed from a friend.

  • Lomo Swartland

    I live in the beautiful, harsh Swartland – just an hour from Cape Town, but so far removed from it all. These images were taken on the roads I drive everyday. I basically always have my Diana Mini Lomography camera with me and love to play around and over expose the images. Sometimes it turns…

  • Lomo Watercolour

    I still remember how excited I was when I first got my Diana Mini Lomography camera – I couldn’t wait to start taking photos with it, that I did not even bothered reading the very simple manual. So when I got the scans back I couldn’t believe how I messed up the exposure, bummed out!…